The Copywriting Experience



  • Easily learn advanced copywriting by watching me complete real-life client projects with 15+ hours of step-by-step copywriting lessons.
  • Get confident and practical with ‘follow along’ tutorials that are fascinating and give you insights from the real world of copywriting. 
  • Develop your own writing style and flair and become irresistible to clients. 
  • See how I find clients and find a way that works for you (no, you don’t have to do Facebook ads or Instagram DMs).
  • Lose the confusion by seeing how I research for projects, write copy, and even communicate with clients!

"It's only with her that I've actually been seeing progress."

"Having Adrianna as a teacher and mentor is the best thing that could happen to any aspiring copywriter. For a visual learner like myself, hat's what really makes her stand out above all other "copywriting gurus." All of her lessons are screen shared, she explains everything is such a comprehensive, simple way that she takes away all the overwhelming complexities of copywriting. If you have a chance to be taught by her, you won't regret it."
Veronica C
USA, Las Vegas

From Adrianna, the girl behind the Copywriting Experience. 

How’s it going friend? I bet you’re buried neck-deep in copywriting videos, books, courses, and discord channels. Trying to learn this thing is like a full-time job, am I right? It should be, do you know why?

Because it’s one of the most valuable skills you can learn and offer to businesses worldwide. Yeah, everything people say about it is true. But I know it’s hard to believe, especially if you’re starting out like me…

  • Frustrated with the amount of conflicting and confusing information that’s out there 😣 
  • Questioning whether you’re good enough to pick this up and make it a success 🙋‍♀️ 
  • Hoping it will be your ticket to freelancing freedom, fun travels, and a stress-free lifestyle 🏝️  

And I’m not here to tell you that my magical course will make you an overnight success. You already know that life doesn’t work like that. Success comes little by little, through consistent work and learning. 

But I do want to tell you that my course will solve a problem that other courses won’t solve for you…

You see, when I was learning I just wanted to see how copywriting is actually done. Yes, I wanted to understand the theory but I also needed to see it in action. I’m that kind of learner, I want my teacher to SHOW ME how they’re doing things. 

And this feeling stayed with me for years! I started copywriting six years ago and once I got to a good level I wanted to come back and create a course that will SHOW not just tell. So that’s what the Copywriting Experience is and that’s what’s different about it. 

Well, there’s also another thing… I studied psychology and I’m a little bit of a geek about it. So, I’ve decided to include and explain a lot of the consumer psychology behind copywriting to help you understand it on a deep level. 

This is advanced and many beginner level courses don’t teach consumer psychology in depth or explain things like that, but I figured that the sooner you start diving into those concepts, the sooner you’ll master the skills. 

So no, no outrageous money promises, no crazy Lamborghini pictures, no secret client strategies.

It’s a wholesome course that will prepare you to start your career in copywriting with realistic expectations and the right attitude. From one copywriter to another. (Yes, I’m still working for clients. This course is a passion project).

For a long time, I’ve been wondering how much this course should cost. I launched it at $250. Then, I raised the price to $1100. Then I went back down to $350. Pricing your own products is always a funny experience. 

I’ve decided to discount it for a while again, I reserve the right to hike the price again. But you can get it today for $67. No, I’m not kidding. 

There are no refunds. I’ve put months into recording this course and nothing makes me as sad as people who think it’s okay to watch a course and then ask for a refund. 

If you don’t think that $67 is a bargain for more than 15 hours of copywriting lessons, then you’re free to go for a different copywriting course. 

If you think that it’s fair and you’d love to dive into it then click the big pink button and let’s get started!


p.s.: Apart from the 15+ of follow along lessons and real life examples, you’ll also get some cool bonuses like copy critique and coaching call recordings. Sweet! All for $67!


Gain the skills and confidence you need to get off to a good start in copywriting!

  • Learn how to do copywriting research like a PRO (without paid tools or endless rabbit holes)
  • Watch me write copy for real clients and see how it’s done in real life!
  • Become an expert by diving into the consumer psychology behind copywriting (I make it easier than ABC!)
  • Make copywriting your full-time career with my in-depth and easy-to-follow instructions. 

Only $67!

"I have tried so many programs but always go back to her lessons when I'm working on copywriting projects."

"Adrianna's teaching style makes it very easy to use what you learn right away. She breaks down all the details and even shares her personal experience to give you the confidence that you can make what she is teaching work for you. Thanks to Adrianna's personal support I have more confidence in my copywriting skills."
Stephanie P
USA, Texas


You're trying to learn but things just don't click.

It’s frustrating, especially because there is so much information online. 

👉 You’ve taken courses and learned a lot of theory but you have no clue how to put things into practice

👉 You’ve been told to go into Facebook Groups or on UpWork to find clients, but it’s not working for you

👉 You’re seeing everyone else succeed and are starting to wonder if there’s something you don’t know or if there’s something wrong with you

Limited time offer! Don’t miss out.

"She covers everything and leaves no information gaps; this saved me hours of searching the net."

"Adrianna's teaching style allowed me to get a true grasp of what I was learning. Her highly in-depth tutorials gave me a real understanding of what persuasive copy is and how to write it. One thing that annoyed me about other courses is that you'd get some information but eventually, you'd have to go somewhere. I would highly recommend her course to anyone who's looking to get started in copywriting."
Dylan T
UK, England


I went through everything you're going through right now and here's the truth

99% of copywriting gurus and course creators either:

🥲 Don’t care whether you succeed or not

🥲 Don’t know how to teach and how to explain things

🥲 Don’t know what they’re talking about because they’re not copywriters

🥲 All of the above


100% money-back guarantee

What they're not telling you

🖤 Most copywriting courses are regurgitated information, or even worse, AI scripted. Literally, go to chat GPT and ask it to write you an outline for a copywriting course.

🖤 There are many ways to succeed, not just the one your guru is telling you about, and the best way is to figure out what will be the simplest and most enjoyable for you. 

🖤 You don’t need to learn and memorise formulas, you need to understand how copywriting looks in practice, why it works, and how to develop your own style based off of that. 

Sophia's Review


What's Included

explore each module and its contents below

  • A series of screen share tutorials in which I teach you the different ways you can create a professional and functional portfolio
  • More than 60 minutes of material, just covering the topic of portfolio creation
  • Follow along and create a portfolio you’ll be excited to share with potential clients!

  • Learn different ways of finding clients and learn how to choose one that suits your lifestyle and your interests. 
  • YES! client acquisition can be fun, it doesn’t have to feel like a chore. 
  • Almost 3 hours of lessons; practical, informative, and detailed.
  • No fluff, stupid intros, or regurgitating what everyone else is saying. Straight to the point and practical. 

  • Learn the consumer psychology behind copywriting, marketing, and the art of persuasion.
  • See how copywriting formulas are used to write and model copy in real life.
  • 142+ minutes of high-level copywriting content and expert knowledge

  • Learn how to do product, market, competition, and client avatar research to write professional-level copy.
  • Research is a precious skill that can be sold as a separate service; this module alone can make you thousands of dollars!
  • Learn about brand voice, how to create it and how to use it in your copy.
  • 170+ minutes worth of copywriting research lessons.

  • Learn to write website copy by watching me complete a real client project from start to finish.
  • Watch my screen as I do the research, ideation, client avatar, writing, and editing for one of my clients. 
  • Hear my thinking process out, take notes, and see what copywriting looks like in real life.
  • 64+ minutes of screen-share tutorials with in-depth explanations.

  • From client onboarding to final touches; watch me write a sales page over the course of a week. 
  • See how I develop my ideas, edit, do thee research, pick a format, and more. 
  • Get a behind-the-scenes peek at how persuasive sales pages are written.
  • Over 145 minutes of follow-along tutorials.

  • See how Google Ads are written and formatted.
  • Be prepared to take on a Google Ads client immediately after this workshop.
  • 40+ minute long, in-depth lesson. 

  • Your crash course in email marketing! Learn the basics of email marketing in less than 2 hours.
  • Learn the consumer psychology behind welcome sequences and an example of how you can plan it. 
  • See how to write emails that are fun, persuasive, and engaging. 
  • Learn about open rates, click-through rates, and more. 

  • Get good at writing Facebook Ads, fast! 
  • No-fluff and easy to digest; 30 minutes long and divided into two lessons.
  • Facebook ads are an essential part of most sales funnels, you’ll be confident to take them on!

  • Learn my favourite VSL formula that is responsible for bringing millions of dollars in revenue to businesses all over the world!
  • I walk you through the process of adapting the formula to your project.
  • 47 minutes of pure copywriting gold!

Only $67!


Coaching Call Recordings

  • Sit in on coaching calls worth $175 per hour
  • Find out how to overcome challenges all beginners face
  • See what others are doing and what’s working for them!


The AI Tool Nobody Talks About

  • Discover a creative AI tool that can help you elevate your ideas and take your copywriting up a notch
  • Learn how to use this secret weapon to make your copy even better and even more unique


Copy Critique Recordings

  • Learn from others mistakes as I dissect the copy students have submitted to me
  • Understand how to write better copy by learning the concepts behind sales writing



  • Need motivation and a quick start? start pitching clients within 5 days with this challenge
  • Learn how to find your unique selling proposition, how to tell your story to potential clients, and how to start your client outreach

Hina's Review


I'm Adrianna.

I discovered copywriting while chilling at the very rock bottom of my life. Seriously. 

It was the hardest year of my life. Everything fell apart. I dropped out of college, I went through a tough heartbreak. I felt lost, lonely, and confused.

At first, copywriting was simply a way to escape the life I didn’t like.

Travel, freedom, you know… everything online gurus promise you?

It’s true. I’m living proof. 

But it’s just the beginning. 

Copywriting is like the universal key to the doors of opportunity. 

I’m not just writing copy. I’m collaborating on projects with others. I’m starting businesses. I’m teaching. I’m learning so much about networking, communication, finance, and marketing.

I can’t even express how freaking grateful I am and how excited I am to teach it to you. 

Because I know that you can achieve even more than I have. Trust me. 

Here’s to your future, you better believe it’s bright! 

Adrianna 🖤


The course is normally $350. Sometimes I run fun sales. It doesn’t happen a lot, but when it’s on you can get the course at a discount.

To check the current discount you can head over to the checkout page.

I used to offer refunds but, unfortunately, there are a lot of freebie-seekers out there who would watch all of the content and then come back for a refund. Because of that I no longer offer refunds. Read this page well to understand everything that you will receive. 

The Copywriting Experience is not a get-rich-quick scheme. This is areal course, taught by a real copywriter. I can guarantee that once you watch all the lessons you’re going to know how to write excellent copy and how to find clients. What you do with that is your choice and your success will simply depend on you actually working.

At the moment no. I used to run a group but I realized that it’s not necessary. Everything you need is inside the course and if you need additional support you can email me or book a private coaching session with me.

Not really. My English definitely isn’t perfect. I’m not a native speaker. There are so many tools like Grammarly and chatGPT nowadays that being a non-native speaker is not an excuse anymore.

No. It doesn’t make sense because when there are 50 or 100 people on the call, only a small handful get the help they need and the rest is just frustrated. 

The course has everything you will need inside, the rest will come through experience. If you feel like you need additional support, I offer private coaching sessions.

When you complete your purchase you’ll get access to the course via Gumroad. 

Gumroad is an easy-to-use platform where I host my course.

You will have access to all the content I mentioned on this page. All of the content is divided into 14 modules and video lessons withing each module. 

Have more questions about the course? 
Reach out to me at

Don’t miss out on the special offer!