Total Newbie 🤓

👉 Found out about copywriting max. a few weeks ago

👉 Enthusiasm rooted in deep hatred for your job and monotonous lifestyle

👉 Watching tutorials mainly to figure out if copywriting is legit, if it’s doable, and how hard you’ll have to work to make it happen.

The Info Addict 🫠

👉 You’ve been learning for a while but never took any solid action

👉 You’ve spent money on courses, books, and/or coaching (and you’re probably confused with all the information that you’ve consumed)

👉 You lack confidence because you never had real life practice

Struggling 🥲

👉 You’ve worked with some clients but didn’t get paid a lot

👉 You struggle to consistently sign clients and market yourself

👉 Client acquisition and sales calls make you wanna die