Ready to put all that copywriting knowledge into practice?! 😃

I went from dealing with angry customers because we didn’t have their size in stock, to working from my Airbnb on a Caribbean beach. Thank you copywriting!

Yes, I also lost weight 🤣. That was a side effect.  I just have more time to be outside, more money to buy better quality food, and just being less stressed helps.

Back in 2018 I was in the same place that you are now.

I really wanted to make copywriting work. I was super enthusiastic, watching tutorials, reading blog posts, taking courses. But I had a huge problem…  

👉🏻 I didn’t know how to actually start freelancing

👉🏻  I didn’t know if I was good enough start copywriting

👉🏻 I felt overwhelmed with all the information!

This is totally normal! (Trust me, I’ve mentored more than 100 people and yes, we all go through this).

I run my email list to help others move past the information stage and move into getting real life experience.

Here’s what my copycats say:

I also run workshops, events, and challenges. When you join the list you’ll receive details.

But most of all, I teach practical information that you can use to quickly get into copywriting.

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